Month: <span>February 2021</span>

SAStories-2021-0226-The Many Colors of Anita Magsaysay-Ho
  • 26 February 2021

Anita Magsaysay-Ho’s ‘The Many Colors of San Francisco’ goes to auction at the ‘Important Philippine Art & Furniture’ sale on Saturday, 13 March.

SAStories-2021-0224-A Man for all Generations
  • 24 February 2021

Fashion designer Gabriel Bustos Santos reimagines Jose Honorato Lozano’s 19th century watercolors for everyday apparel

SAStories-2021-0223-A woman,a painting and a friendship
  • 23 February 2021

How Gilda Cordero-Fernando’s friendship with Elmer Borlongan inspired the largest “Emong” painting to ever go to auction

Eulogio Balan Rodriguez
  • 21 February 2021

Among the highlights of the ‘Important Philippine Art & Furniture’ sale is an original signed copy of the 1935 Constitution from the former National Library Director’s private collection

SAStories-2021-0220-The Rarest of Them All
  • 20 February 2021

An extremely rare and prized cabinet of the highest order discovered in one of the grand ancestral homes on San Rafael Street, San Miguel, Manila.

SAStories-2021-0211-Before the Capulets and the Montagues
  • 11 February 2021

The tale of a love that almost conquered all. Five centuries later, Salcedo’s name endures at the country’s premier auction house, Salcedo Auctions.

SAStories-2021-0205-From Louis XV to Louis XVI
  • 5 February 2021

How monarchs set furniture trends from excessive opulence to Marie Antoinette’s surprisingly subdued style.