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Your guide to private sale at Salcedo Private View
How to Buy at Salcedo Auctions
Salcedo Private View
The Essence of Private Purchase
Navigating the world of art doesn’t always have to lead you through the auction room. For those with specific tastes and desires, Salcedo Auctions offers a more personalized, private buying experience. Whether it’s that elusive piece you’ve longed for or a desire to explore curated collections, let us guide you through our premium offerings beyond the gavel.
Buy Privately
How it Works

If you are looking to buy exquisite Philippine art outside the auction room or have a particular artwork in mind that you wish to add to your collection, Salcedo Auctions provides bespoke selling services tailored to our client’s needs.

Salcedo Private View, our premier exhibition and private treaty sale platform, also offers collections available for direct purchase.

For more information, contact your Relationship Manager or email [email protected]

How to Buy - Private Selling
Browse Offerings

Explore the catalogues available on Salcedo Private View to discover a selection of compelling offerings available for direct purchase.

How to Buy - Private Selling
Checkout Item

Using your account, you can place the item of interest into your online cart and proceed to the checkout.

How to Buy - Private Selling
Complete your Payment

Complete your Payment Upon successful payment for your selected item, we will promptly reach out to you to arrange the pickup and delivery of your purchase.

Salcedo Private View
Discover Inspiring Exhibitions

Embark on an enriching journey through Salcedo Private View and experience the profound beauty of artistic expression. Unveil masterpieces that narrate stories, showcase heritage, and shape creativity.