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The Pinnacle of Philippine Auctions
Auction Mastery

Salcedo Auctions stands as the beacon of the Philippine auction industry, renowned for its illustrious live and online events. We proudly present a myriad of categories, from exquisite fine art and iconic furniture to cherished collectibles. Every transaction is enhanced by our tailored guidance, ensuring each client’s journey is as seamless as it is memorable. Join us in the grand tradition of art trading and experience the Salcedo difference.

Core Offerings
Pioneering Auctions & Private Sales

At Salcedo Auctions, we have honed our expertise into two distinct yet intertwined avenues – the dynamic realm of auctions and the confidential sphere of private selling. Each offers a unique opportunity for our clients, yet our commitment to excellence, tailored experiences, and a deep understanding of the art market underpin both. Explore these avenues to find the one that resonates with your unique objectives.


The Grand Stage of Art & Collectibles

As the pioneer and leader of the Philippine auction industry, Salcedo Auctions is notable for its prestigious live and online auctions.

Salcedo Auctions offers diverse categories, spanning from fine art and furniture to rare collectibles, among other compelling offerings. With our expert guidance and connoisseurship, we provide bespoke services to all our clients, ensuring a smooth and customized buying and selling journey.

Private Selling

Discreet Transactions, Personalized Approach

Salcedo Auctions offers bespoke private selling services to individuals seeking a more confidential and controlled approach to selling their valuables.

In this sophisticated selling experience, we closely collaborate with sellers to establish a fixed, mutually agreed fee and the correct exposure of their pieces to the market.

Expertise Beyond Auctioning
Enhance, Restore, and Value
While Salcedo Auctions stands as a beacon in the realm of auctions, our suite of services extends far beyond. Our dedication to the world of art and collectibles is evident in our specialized offerings that cater to the myriad needs of art aficionados, collectors, and enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking an informed valuation, contemplating a restoration, or envisioning a new frame, our seasoned professionals are here to serve with precision, care, and unmatched expertise.

Estate Advisory, Appraisals & Valuations

Navigating Value with Precision and Insight

With our expert knowledge of the Philippine art market, Salcedo Auctions offers written appraisals of fair market value for insurance and estate and financial planning purposes; professional fees apply. Contact us to learn more about preliminary assessments and other services.

Salcedo Auctions - Other Services

Art Restoration

Reviving Artistry, Preserving Legacies

With our dedicated team of skilled artisans and conservators, Salcedo Auctions is committed to bringing new life to your treasured artworks. Our years of experience and deep understanding of art history, materials, and techniques enable us to provide innovative art restoration services that cater to your unique needs.

Contact us to learn more about art restoration and other services.

Art Reframing

Elevating Presentation, Honoring Authenticity

Salcedo Auctions is dedicated to enhancing the visual impact of your art while preserving its authenticity and value. With our team of skilled framers, we offer custom framing solutions tailored to your specific piece. Our experts help you choose the perfect frame, matting, and glass to complement your artwork’s style and colors.

Contact us to learn more about art reframing and other services.

Sell with Salcedo Auctions
Elevate Your Selling Experience

Venture into the sophisticated realm of Salcedo Auctions. Allow our expertise to guide you in the art of selling and creating opportunities with each masterpiece. Entrust your prized artworks with us. Start your consignment journey for a complimentary estimate today.