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Twice as Good: The Well-Appointed Life

Twice as Good: The Well-Appointed Life

  • 15 March 2023

Because life can be twice as good, this month, Salcedo Auctions establishes a biannual auction tradition through its most highly-anticipated event, The Well-Appointed Life.

To be held every March, this second installment adds to the long-running September edition that witnessed the sale of Juan Luna y Novicio’s Boceto for Spoliarium, the highest price ever achieved at auction in the Philippines for a work by the country’s preeminent artist-hero; and of Félix Resurección Hidalgo’s La Pintura, which set a new world record amidst a heated bidding battle – just a few of the many history-making sales that single-handedly ushered in a renaissance of art appreciation and served as the catalyst for the explosive growth of the local art market.

This double serving of the créme de la créme of Philippine auctions is made all the more significant with the renewal of Salcedo Auctions’ partnership with HSBC as its Exclusive Bank Partner, bringing together the strengths of two industry pioneers, opening up a world of opportunities for their select clients.

The March edition of The Well-Appointed Life includes a host of highlights, starting with an impressive collection of Important Philippine Art. Among these are five works by National Artist BenCab, whose artistic career is defined by his unique and innovative approach of fusing figurative styles with graphic compositional elements.

SAStories-2023-0315-Twice as Good The Well-Appointed Life-01

BenCab’s iconic subjects masterfully conveyed through various artistic forms. (Above left) ‘Untitled (Two Women),’ 1995, oil on canvas; (above right) ‘Milk Carrier,’ 2019, tapestry, limited edition of 7; (below left to right) ‘Untitled (Geisha I & II),’ watercolor on paper; ‘Sabel,’ metal

Two works of Betsy Westendorp feature her favorite subjects: the ever-changing skyscapes, floral bouquets, and the majestic Taal Volcano. The large-scale painting of her floralscapes overlooking the volcano-lake is a sentimental piece from the collection of the acclaimed visual artist’s granddaughter, who received the canvas as a wedding gift.

Betsy Westendorp, (left) ‘Untitled (Painting #949),’ 1997, oil on canvas; (right) ‘Untitled,’ 1998, oil on canvas

Abstract pieces from the country’s pioneering modern and leading contemporary visual artists adorn the preview gallery of Salcedo Auctions. Masters of Philippine abstraction – Lee Aguinaldo; National Artists H.R. Ocampo, Ang Kiukok, Arturo Luz, and J. Elizalde Navarro; Lao Lianben and Romulo Olazo – showcase the range of perspectives of new realities.

National Arist H.R. Ocampo’s signature biomorphic forms. (Left to right) ‘Memories,’ 1978, oil on board; ‘Untitled,’ 1977, oil on canvas; ‘Untitled,’ 1969, oil on board

Colorful abstractions. (Left to right) Romulo Olazo, ‘Untitled #370,’ 2012, mixed media on canvas; Mauro Malang Santos, ‘Flowers,’ 1991, gouache; J. Elizalde Navarro, ‘A Summer Solstice,’ 1998, acrylic on canvas

Monochromes allow artists to create a range of emotions and moods using a single color or trope. (Left) Lao Lianben, ‘Head & Zen,’ 2006, acrylic on canvas; (Top right) Ang Kiukok, ‘Sabong,’ 1968, ink on rice paper; (bottom right) Arturo Luz, ‘Two Men on Wheels (Duo on Wheels),’ 1999, acrylic on canvas

The Important Philippine Art collection is complemented by the lush botanical art of Emmanuel Cordova, Andres Barrioquinto’s patterned surrealism, Renato Habulan’s social realism, and Ronald Ventura’s early work reminiscent of Da Vinci’s sfumato technique; graphite drawings by National Artists Fernando Amorsolo and Jose Joya, Anita Magsaysay-Ho, and Malang; skillfully formed sculptures by National Artist Arturo Luz, Solomon Saprid in steel and brass, and Ramon Orlina’s signature glass; and watercolors by Juan Luna y Novicio and Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo.

(Above) Emmanuel Cordova, ‘A Habitat for Birds,’ 2022, oil on canvas; (below) Ronald Ventura, ‘Untitled (Female Nude),’ 1992, mixed media.

(Left to right) Renato Habulan, ‘Bosetos,’ 2010, oil on canvas; Andres Barrioquinto, ‘The Last Dahlia,’ 2014, oil on canvas; Emmanuel Garibay, ‘Untitled,’ 2007, oil on canvas

(Left) Juan Luna y Novicio, ‘Untitled (Study of a Woman),’ c.1885, watercolor on paper; (right) Félix Resurrección Hidalgo, ‘Apuntes el Japón,’ c.1912, watercolor on paper

Well-appointed sculptures in a variety of forms and media. (Left to right) Arturo Luz, ‘Cubi Black #95/100,’ mild steel plate; Renato Rocha, ‘Fruit Vendors,’ 1979, wood; Solomon Saprid, ‘Cock Fight,’ 1989, brass; Ramon Orlina, ‘Untitled,’ 2006 black glass

Connoisseurs of Philippine antiquity will delight in the rare and exceptional craftsmanship of the colonial era, such as hardwood furniture, intricately carved religious artifacts, and impeccable furnishings. There is also a well-curated selection of ethnographic objects that provide an insight into the cultural heritage of various indigenous groups in the Philippines—from the Ifugao of the Cordillera to the Maranao of Mindanao.

(Left) A pair of half French doors from the Laperal Mansion, Valenzuela, 1930s; (top right) twelve-sided narra and kamagong table, early 20th century; (bottom right) A rare Batangas ‘Olympic’ table, 19th century

(Left) A Baroque retablo, 19th century; (top right) A church silver altar frontal panel of ‘The Five Holy Wounds,’ mid 19th century; (lower right) Neoclassical double-niche urna with ‘Inmaculada Concepcion and Niño Dormido,’ 19th century

Vessels of culture and history. (a) mid 20th century ‘hagabi;’ (b) mid 20th century ‘bulul;’ (c) early 20th century brass betel box; (d) Maranao chess set; (e) mid 20th century kulintang

Salcedo Auctions is also proud to present at The Well-Appointed Life selections from the jewelry collection of visionary jewelry designer Hans Brumann. Widely recognized for his contemporary designs and exceptional craftsmanship, this astonishing trove titled After the Masters features exquisitely crafted jewelry inspired by world-famous artists admired by Brumann, such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Henri Matisse, as well as pieces that pay tribute to the works of National Artists Arturo Luz and J. Navarro Elizalde, and sculptor Impy Pilapil.

After the Masters II. (top, left to right) A pair of 18 karat white gold ‘After Arturo Luz’ earrings with lapis lazuli; An 18 karat yellow gold and ebony wood ‘After Impy Pilapil’ bracelet; A silver and 18 karat yellow gold ‘After Jerry Elizalde Navarro’ brooch/pendant; (bottom, left to right) An 18 karat yellow gold and white gold ‘After Pablo Picasso’ ring; An 18 karat yellow and white gold ‘After Georges Braque’ neck piece; An 18 karat yellow gold ‘After Gustav Klimt’ ring

Those with a keen eye for beauty and craftsmanship will also enjoy the selection of exquisite timepieces in this auction that represent the epitome of watchmaking, craftsmanship, and design, with rare and limited models by Rolex, Hublot, Franck Muller, and Cartier.

(Left to right) Hublot, Limited Edition Big Bang Aero; Rolex, Oyster Perpetual Datejust, Reference no. 179313, 26mm; Franck Muller, Limited Edition 185/250 Endurance 24

Salcedo Auctions’ ‘The Well-Appointed Life’ live and online auction, co-presented by Exclusive Bank Partner HSBC, takes place on Saturday, 18 March 2023 at 2PM. View the catalogue and register to bid or download the e-catalogue.

The live and online auction preview runs until Friday, 17 March, 9AM-5PM daily at NEX Tower, 6786 Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Send your inquiries at [email protected] or phone +639175912191.