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The Pardo de Tavera Collection

The Pardo de Tavera Collection

  • 1 September 2018

The Pardo de Tavera family has been part of Philippine history since the Reconquista of Ferdinand and IsabelIa – engrained in our memories through their influence and presence in the maturation of the country. They are most remembered through Paz Pardo de Tavera’s marriage to the ilustrado and celebrated artist Juan Luna y Novicio and her brother Trinidad Pardo de Tavera: scholar, physician, and major supporter of the Propaganda Movement. Textiles, fans, and furniture pieces speak of the affluence of the family, and now serve as a reminder of their rich and cosmopolitan lifestyle during the Spanish colonial era.

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An important antique Chinese carved table with marble top c. 1870s Wood and marble

The Pardo de Taveras took part in major developments of Intramuros. To this day, the family continues to enrich Philippine arts and culture. Coming from different cultures both within and outside of the country, these pieces tell a story of Philippine history – its influences, aesthetics, and people.

A pair of historically-important Qing dynasty jars c. 1870s Porcelain

This collection includes tangible heritage that has been passed down as part of the family estatem and are now graciously being offered by Mara Pardo de Tavera through Salcedo Auctions.

A mother-of-pearl fan *c. 1870-1890

Mother-of-pearl, hand-painted on both sides