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Children of Men

Children of Men

  • 1 October 2019

Just as human civilization continues to grow into the digital and technological age, there is also a shift in the relationship with the natural environment and resources that we depend on. The increasing scarcity of the latter is evident, which is cause for reflection on our shared dynamic. Aldron Anchinges and Mel Cabriana explore this relationship in different ways. Anchinges’ acrylic works tell a tale of our future, creating a story that warns us of the trajectory of our self-serving ways, and nature’s encompassing grace despite such treatment. Cabriana’s paintings on the other hand speak of our essential reliance and the empowering value of the human spirit as a piece and part of nature.

We are indeed one with nature. To learn and reflect on this is a step towards finding synergy between us again.

Exhibition runs daily 10am-6pm from 17 October – 9 November 2019 at the NEX Tower 6786 Ayala Avenue.

Aesthete Aldron Anchinges

SAStories-2019-1001-Children of Men-01

Aldron Anchinges Can We Find a Way to Go Forward or Backward 2019, acrylic on canvas Price upon request

Aldron Anchinges Nesting 2019, acrylic on canvas Price upon request

Aldron Anchinges depicts man’s conflicted relationship with nature, rendering dystopic tableaus in earth-toned acrylics. His paintings serve as a caveat – an admonishment to care for the environment lest creation descend into oblivion. Juxtaposed against thus spare palette, the subjects stand out with crisp clarity. No part left is unimportant in Anchinge’s intricate visual narratives—the flush of human flesh as telling as the cracked paleness of the grass beneath their feet, the elements grounding each other to a singular purpose, becoming a shared ethos.

Aldron Anchinges Little Fisherman’s Dream 2019, acrylic on canvas Price upon request

Aldron Anchinges Its better to Die than to Live in the Cage 2019, acrylic on canvas Price upon request

Aldron Anchinges A Harmony of Procreation 2019, acrylic on canvas Price upon request

Aldron Anchinges Pearl of the Orient 2019, acrylic on canvas Price upon request

Aldron Anchinges Bed of Roses 2019, acrylic on canvas Price upon request

Aldron Anchinges Xylopile 2019, acrylic on canvas Price upon request

Aldron Anchinges Sanctuary of Freedom 2017, acrylic on canvas Price upon request

Aldron Anchinges Escape 2019, acrylic on canvas Price upon request

This new collection of works features children: their innocence in stark contrast to the foreboding somberness that surrounds them. Devoid of adults, they are now left to deal with the consequences of our irresponsibility – finding refuge in the pockets of nature that are left, seeking shelter in their warmth. One may even begin to see the divine reflected here, where nature is never vindictive, always compassionate, and at the children’s disposal. The essence of nature – and indeed the passion of the artist and aesthete – is one of beauty and wonder, a synergetic art that breathes and flows through the ebbs of the cosmos and through us.

In Light Of Mel Cabriana

Mel Cabriana Untitled 2019, oil on canvas Price upon request

Mel Cabriana No Evil Series III 2019, oil on canvas Price upon request

In Light Of is a collection that speaks of the fundamental relationship between man and nature. Essentially a communal one, it is a source of both empowerment and fragility—two themes that are clearly encapsulated through the imagery in the selection of works. In rich oils, Mel Cabriana paints hands breaking through white canvases, illuminated by a glow that delivers them into the viewer’s plane of reality.

Mel Cabriana No Evil Series II 2019, oil on canvas Price upon request

Mel Cabriana In your Hand 2019, oil on canvas Price upon request

The artist creates something that is not meant to be pondered merely from within the four corners of a painting. By breaking the divide between two and three-dimensionality, Cabriana’s message turns into something more personal and direct. It brings to attention our roots as creatures of the earth in the hopes that in remembering this, we return to our original dynamic, our hands building and reaching for a brighter path.

Mel Cabriana No Evil Series I 2019, oil on canvas Price upon request

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