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Celebrating A Well-Appointed Life

Celebrating A Well-Appointed Life

  • 7 September 2022

Since its founding in 2010, Salcedo Auctions has dedicated itself to showcasing artworks of historic and aesthetic significance, each piece redefining the milieus and spaces that they inhabit to epitomize the power of art and the connoisseur-collector to shape ‘The Worlds We Create.’ The auction house’s 8th edition of its marquee The Well-Appointed Life sale lives up to that vision with a room list anchored by an outstanding selection from 13 of the country’s 17 National Artists for Visual Arts, foremost of these being arguably the most beautiful Vicente Manansala piece to go to auction in recent memory, Ang Kiukok’s exquisite PAG-era oils once owned by an ex-CIA agent and diplomat, and a rare and powerful 1969 BenCab untitled mother and child. Other covetable pieces include Fernando Zobel’s first painting, and the largest Oscar Zalameda offered for bidding.

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‘The Well-Appointed Life’ room list boasts of exceptional lots that include Fernando Zobel’s first untitled (bodegon) painting (left), works by the country’s 13 out of 17 National Artists for Visual Arts, such as Jose Joya’s “Sea Front” (middle), and BenCab’s untitled mother and child from the late 60s (right).

Vicente Manansala’s untitled depiction of vendors shows the artist’s bold yet tender visual vocabulary showcasing not only the allure of Neo-realist Cubism but also the sumptuously laden mood and festive palette of a quintessential Philippine scene. Oscar Zalameda’s untitled fiesta-themed canvas is just as vibrant, which, at 63 1/2 x 119 inches, stands quite possibly as the largest work by the artist remaining in private hands and certainly the biggest to ever be offered at auction to date.

Left to right: Vicente Manansala, untitled (vendors)Oscar Zalameda, untitled (fiesta).

Fans of Ang Kiukok, meanwhile, will delight in the artist’s early works exhibited at the eminent Philippine Art Gallery: “Bananas #3’ and ‘Bananas #4”, owned by ex-CIA agent, USAID director, diplomat and published author Rufus Phillips. Both will go under the hammer this September, along with three other significant Kiukok oils and watercolors, namely “Crucifixion”, “Watermelon”, and “Window with Potted Plant.”

Left to right: Ang Kiukoks “Window with Potted Plant” and “Bananas #4″.

In the past, Fernando Amorsolo’s signature light regularly graced The Well-Appointed Life sale, gaining top hammer prices in the process. For this edition, though, collectors will have the opportunity to acquire a rare work from the artist’s war period with Amorsolo’s “The Burning of Manila,” its brooding palette in stark contrast with the artist’s post-war oeuvre. Similarly, collectors of Nena Saguil’s abstracts will have an opportunity to acquire an unusual red early Paris-period piece by the artist.

Left to right: Fernando Amorsolo, “The Burning of Manila” ; Nena Saguil, untitled (red abstract).

In the same vein, the auction house has had remarkable success with works by rivals Juan Luna y Novicio and Félix Resurrección Hidalgo, to build a reputation as the world’s premier resource for pieces by the two artists. At the auction, samples of their masterful works await their next home where the new owners can marvel at the power of Luna and Hidalgo’s artistry across different mediums.

Left to right: Félix Resurrección Hidalgo, “Tempestad Nocturna” ; Juan Luna y Novicio, “Reclining Warrior.”

Another example of virtuosic craftsmanship comes in the form of an exquisite Ah Tay bed with ‘granada’ fruit motif, made by famed Chinese furniture maker, Ah Tay. His iconic calabasa bed has remained one of the most coveted pieces of furniture in our history. Instantly recognizable for its imposing stately grandeur and elegance, and quintessential design elements.

There’s so much more offered for this edition of The Well-Appointed Life which highlights works created by some of the country’s old, modern, and contemporary masters, artists, and artisans. The pieces presented in this sale exemplify the pinnacle of quality — the embodiment of ‘Important Philippine Art,’ the definition of a ‘Connoisseur Collection,’ and the dazzling array of ‘Fine Jewelry & Timepieces’ that continue to awe and inspire.

Left to right: ‘An exquisite Ah Tay bed with ‘granada’ fruit motif’, 19th century ; *Patek Philippe, Nautilus Ref. 5711/R *

‘The Well-Appointed Life’ live and online auction takes place live and online on Saturday, 17 September, 2022 at 2PM. Click here to view the catalogue.

The auction preview begins on Friday, 9 September and runs daily from 9AM-5PM at NEX Tower, 6786 Ayala Avenue, Makati City. For inquiries, email [email protected] or phone +632 8 8230956 | +63 917 591 2191. Follow @salcedoauctions on Instagram and Facebook for updates.