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5 Interiors Pegs for Every Type of Collector

5 Interiors Pegs for Every Type of Collector

  • 17 July 2021

Amidst the backdrop of a topsy turvy reality, many have turned to curating their own spaces to include works of the masters along with other objets d’art to create a sense of order within their homes. In the process, these collectors, both veteran and burgeoning, have uncovered the joy of art and the palpable excitement of an auction— and that includes learning to navigate the novel online bidding platform!

In keeping with the thrill of the find, Gavel&Block, in partnership with Hands On Manila, presents ‘interiors,’ an online auction. The over 400 lot auction boasts a wide range of fine art prints, furniture, decor, jewelry, and more, having kept every type of collector in mind! The best part, however, is that the auction is for the benefit of at-risk families in Pillia, Rizal.

Keep scrolling to find some inspiration for your own interiors!

For those who want to celebrate women through art

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Whimsical paintings in bright-toned colors by Artist Norma Belleza are part of the auction line-up!

Celebrate women through art in Lydia Velasco’s ‘Harvest’, Auguste Sysses’ ‘Woman’ in bronze, or Lladro’s porcelain figurines.

A closer look. LYDIA VELASCO ‘Harvest,’ 2009, acrylic on canvas

For those looking for work by Filipino women artists

A stunning collection of watercolor paintings by Nena Saguil takes pride of place in the auction line-up

For those looking for art prints to add to their collection

Which work of art by National Artist BenCab will you be bidding on?

For those those who appreciate fine Philippine craftsmanship

A wide collection of furniture made by Filipino artisans are on display at the Salcedo Auctions showroom

For those looking for decor to spruce up their interiors

Browse through a range of ‘Fili-Pan-Asian’ decor in the ‘interiors’ online catalogue!

There is a sense of certainty and security found in these pieces brought in to transform a house into much more than a home— but rather, a personal oasis from the hullabaloo of the outside. Art has remained an immovable force throughout the past year, one able to remind us of a time before masks, a feeling of basking in the sun, and the wondrous emotions tied to discovering something new, even from the comfort of our interiors.

The Gavel&Block ‘interiors’ online auction will be held on Saturday, 24 June 2021 at 11 AM. Click here to browse through the online catalogue and register to bid.