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Are you the artist / designer / creator of the piece you wish to consign?

Ensure all details in the form are complete and accurate. Please Note: We do not provide auction estimates for items typically not sold at Salcedo Auctions. All estimates are subject to change upon physical inspection of the piece. Salcedo Auctions’ specialists can only provide the best estimates based on the information and images provided. In some cases, we might need to contact you to arrange an appointment for an in-person evaluation.

If you have queries or need assistance, our team is readily available to help.

Salcedo Auctions consignment form
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When you consign with Salcedo Auctions, you are entrusting us with artworks, furniture, or valuable collectibles that we can offer at auction on your behalf.

As part of the consignment process, Salcedo Auctions is pleased to provide a complimentary auction estimate. After you submit pieces from your collection through the consignment portal below, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your item and, where appropriate, request to see the item in person.