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Featured Auction

This season’s Gavel&Block offers curated classics: paintings by National Artists H.R. Ocampo and José Joya, plus exquisite furniture and collectibles

11 July - 19 July 2024
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Online Auction 20 July 2024 | 11:00 am

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art+design February 2023

Contemporary Masterpieces and Visionary Design

With a fundraising initiative, the Project ReDew by BBDO Guerrero, supported by Mountain Dew Philippines and in collaboration with RISE Siargao & ReMaker Space.

Online Auction 4 February 2023

art+design October 2022

object as convergence

“Objects as Convergence” brings together five artists who were invited to respond to this special theme for the art+design auction by creating object-based art.

Online Auction 8 October 2022

art+design July 2022

Contemporary Masterpieces and Visionary Design

A sensational lineup of contemporary art, décor, silver, porcelain and many more pieces await discerning collectors with an eye for movement and potential.

Online Auction 23 July 2022

art+design May 2022

Contemporary Masterpieces and Visionary Design

Features vignettes styled by Manila's top creatives, offering refreshing points of view on the many decorating possibilities of Philippine contemporary art.

Online Auction 21 May 2022

art+design Feb 2022

Contemporary Masterpieces and Visionary Design

Bringing the world to our homes.

Online Auction 5 February 2022

Under the Tree holiday

The Gavel&Block 'Under the Tree' online auction brings the magic of the holiday season to life!

Online Auction 27 November 2021

Salcedo Private View
Discover Inspiring Exhibitions

Embark on an enriching journey through Salcedo Private View and experience the profound beauty of artistic expression. Unveil masterpieces that narrate stories, showcase heritage, and shape creativity.