Stephanie Honrado

Stephanie Honrado Illuminates
  • 8 July 2022

Salcedo Private View proudly presents ‘Ode to the Ordinary,’ a solo exhibition of recent works by Florence-based contemporary artist Stephanie Honrado.

Ode to the Ordinary by Stephanie Honrado
  • 1 July 2022

Florence-based Filipino contemporary artist continues her creative journey to capture the innate beauty of ordinary things in her adoptive hometown of Florence.

SAStories-2021-0508-Classical Art in Her Headspace
  • 8 May 2021

The Florence-based artist takes us into her ‘Headspace’ for her ArtFair Philippines collection and makes a case for Classical-style art in society where concept is king.

Art Fair Philippines 2021 Headspace
  • 5 May 2021

A group show featuring recent works by contemporary artists Ricky Ambagan, Stephanie Honrado, and John Paul Duray for Art Fair Philippines 2021

Come Stai (How are you) by Stephanie Honrado
  • 5 June 2020

Stephanie Honrado’s first solo exhibition, presenting a 12-piece show reflecting her daily life as a Florence-based artist.