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The Gift of Carlos “Botong” Francisco
  • 8 September 2023

Discover the legacy of Carlos 'Botong' Francisco through "Ang Aguinaldo," a rare early masterpiece that captures Philippine culture and history.

Jewelry Art of Celia Molano
  • 24 July 2023

The celebrated jewelry designer returns to exhibit at Salcedo Private View after a decade.

SAStories-2023-0705-Ferdie Montemayor
  • 5 July 2023

Salcedo Private View launches ‘Play,’ the highly anticipated second solo exhibition of contemporary artist Ferdie Montemayor.

Play by Ferdie Montemayor
  • 20 June 2023

Step into Ferdie Montemayor’s playground.

SAStories-2023-0601-From the Skies to the Seas
  • 1 June 2023

The perfect description of Don Alfredo Carmelo was that he was the Filipino Renaissance man of the 20th century.

no one had Ricky Ambagan
  • 20 October 2022

The visual storyteller returns to Salcedo Private View.

SAStories-2022-1019-In Contemporary Philippine Art
  • 19 October 2022

The Ronald Ventura embarks on his much-awaited solo exhibition ‘Beastmaster’ at Salcedo Private View.

Stephanie Honrado Illuminates
  • 8 July 2022

Salcedo Private View proudly presents ‘Ode to the Ordinary,’ a solo exhibition of recent works by Florence-based contemporary artist Stephanie Honrado.

Ode to the Ordinary by Stephanie Honrado
  • 1 July 2022

Florence-based Filipino contemporary artist continues her creative journey to capture the innate beauty of ordinary things in her adoptive hometown of Florence.

SAStories-2022-0630-ARTSPEAK Anita Magsaysay-Ho
  • 30 June 2022

Harvest of blessings breathed life to her brushstrokes

SAStories-2022-0607-Remembering the Forgotten
  • 7 June 2022

This untitled work from the National Artist’s ‘Scavenger’ series depicts the dispossessed and forgotten.

Sacred Journey by Allain Hablo
  • 24 May 2022

Featuring poignantly minimalist mixed-media works that explore the boundaries of materiality.

BEASTMASTER by Ronald Ventura
  • 24 May 2022

The master of transcending artistic boundaries in his first solo exhibition at Salcedo Private View.

SAStories-2022-0413-Illuminations by Betsy Westendorp
  • 13 April 2022

“There is little that affects a woman and inspires an artist more than flowers.” - Betsy Westendorp

Illuminations Canvas Editions by Betsy Westendorp
  • 11 April 2022

A curated collection of six striking giclee on canvas works by Betsy Westendorp, each produced in a limited edition of 25.

SAStories-2022-0401-Pardo's thought bubbles on art
  • 1 April 2022

It would be hard to place Pardo “Bubbles” de Leon’s body of work within an artistic construct, which suits the artist just fine.

Art Fair Philippines 2022 Transcendence
  • 22 March 2022

Salcedo Private View proudly presents 'Transcendence: Works by Norberto Carating, Pardo de León, and JP Duray' for Art Fair Philippines 2022.

Uncompleting Lines by Ferdie Montemayor
  • 11 February 2022

A 33-piece exhibition that tells the story of the artist's experiences, as well as the collective experience of those affected by these uncertain times.

SAStories-2022-0201-Towering Vision
  • 1 February 2022

The master sculptor’s legacy in Philippine art is crystal clear as he turns 77

SAStories-2021-1211-The many faces of BenCab’s iconic Sabel
  • 11 December 2021

In constant transition, Sabel has become a platform for National Artist BenCab’s explorations of form and meaning

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