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Untitled (Figure)

Lot 86

BENCAB (B. 1942)

Untitled (Woman with Basket)


Acrylic on canvas

109.2 x 78.7 cm (43 x 31 in)

Quick Overview

One of the Philippines’ most acclaimed modernists who continues to create art
releavant to the times, National Artist BenCab once again sheds a different light
and dimension to the culture and identity of the Filipino people in this extremely
rare acrylic on canvas work that belongs to his celebrated Larawan

The artist juxtaposes sentiment and familiarity, indeed a bow to memory and
tradition, with the newness of modernity through his unique compositon and
painterly technique, creating an avenue for the viewer to revaluate how they view
and interact with their own culture.

The subject matter is a beauteous enigma - a woman dressed in turn of the century
garb flashing an enigmatic Mona Lisa smile, holding a winnowing basket - or is it
a wide-brimmed hat - behind her head, the shape forming what looks like a golden
halo. Sainted yet knowingly coquettish, BenCab appears here to foregorund his
vision of the qualities of Filipina maidenhood.

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PHP 9,000,000 - 9,500,000
This painting is in excellent condition.

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