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Untitled (Workers)

Lot 79


The Sorcerer


Oil pastel on paper

69.8 x 53.3 cm (27 1/2 x 21 in)

Quick Overview

A time-worn man sits tall, staff in hand, mysterious glint shining in his eyes. His skin and protruding bones tell of a weathered life, while his unkempt hair show signs of an aberrant nature. The subject looks off into the distance purposefully, as if searching for what lays beyond him in a mystical realm. Streaks of unnatural blue light that cast on the form of the brown-skinned man only enhance the subtle otherworldliness of The Sorcerer.

This striking figurative piece is thought to be a study for the work that garnered Juvenal Sanso a First Prize in the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) Competition in the oil category in 1951. It was a apoplectic time for Philippine art, when classical Amorsolo influenced artists clashed with the new wave of young modernists. Sanso, then a student at the University of the Philippiens College of Fine Arts belonged to the latter of the groups, choosing to submit this piece to contrast and indeed contravene the scenic, bucolic, and idealic images that were the norm of the time.

Fundacion Sanso has graciously confirmed the authenticty of this artwork

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This painting is in very good condition.

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