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Carabao Cart in Araya


Untitled (Woman with Basket)

Lot 85

JOSE JOYA (1931–1995)



Oil on wood

121.9 x 121.9 cm (48 x 48 in)

Quick Overview

Although he sought to move past traditional practices, National Artist Jose Joya continued to draw inspiration from sunny Philippine landscapes, often rendering his abstractions with bold, vibrant colors. A grand example of his artistic dynamism, Odyssey employs a palette reminiscent of the stunning quality of Philippine sunlight. His distinct blocks and curvilinear forms converge to suggest a jubilant landscape using a range of vivid yellows, warm oranges, browns, and burnt siennas that stretch off into an exuberant golden plane. Veering away from his expressionist gestural strokes he offers a more assured hand by employing varying brushstrokes and textures. These commanding swipes, mounds, and ridges build his inimitable impasto — steady yet powerful in its execution.

A reference to the epic poem by Homer, The Odyssey tells the story of Greek hero Odysseus and his journey back home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. In its welcoming vibrancy, Joya's ode to the work exudes the same warmth of homecoming.

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