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Untitled (Prosperity Blooms)





PREVIEW | 13 – 22 SEPTEMBER 2018, 10AM-6PM

Lot 131

Ronald Ventura (b. 1973)

Color Blinds


Oil on canvas

61 x 45.7 cm (24 x 18 in)

Quick Overview

Mixing visual and poetic wit, Ronald Ventura champions the use of the human figure as a conduit of contemporary discourse by juxtaposing the body with clever imagery. The artist has developed since his beginnings in the early 2000s, now exhibiting extensively both locally and internationally - gaining accolades along the way - with a body of work that includes not only works on canvas but also installations and sculpture. At the core of his practice remains his most recognizable appeal - the strength of contemporary-driven visualization. Ventura uses a plethora of techniques to catch the eye and boggle the mind, at the base of which is a heavy sense of realism that grounds his creations into a familiarity that compels a need for resolve - likened to the exhortatory messages of lucid dreams. The semblance to reality and the subsequent deconstruction of it through a precarious connection of iconic queues allows Ventura to achieve representation of often forgotten tangential connections in a world brimming with fast paced imagery and content. Color Blinds critiques this culture of exuberance, commenting on the fastidious hunger for more that has grown in the age of development. Behind the brilliance of the colors before him, the figure is left obscured, blinded as he gestures to adjust a pair of unseen glasses. The multitudinous blocks of chromas and gold build upon each other, creating a bright eclipse that obscures both the man from the viewers, and likewise the man’s ability to glance upon his viewers - leaving a disconnect of relatability between parties. As the title states, color blinds - it distracts, and it conceals, covering up while leaving voids and wonders left unfilled. Ronald Ventura is contemporary both in artistic style and discourse, creating works that always pull in equal parts visually and introspectively.

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