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Two-Tone Bronson Yellow over Dark Thorne Brown


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The Ford Model A Coupe represents an important turning point in the automotive industry as we know it. Designed to compete against the rising threat of General Motors, the Ford Model A was built as the successor to Ford’s iconic Model T, and was the first Ford automobile to use a standard set of driving controls with conventional clutch, throttle and brake pedals, as well as a gear shift. It’s powered by a water­ cooled 201 cubic inch (3.3L), inline 4­cylinder engine, providing 40 hp, which allows it to reach a top speed of around 105 km/h.

This immaculately­preserved throwback to the late 20’s has been modified with road­worthiness and safety in mind. To start, the battery has been switched from a 6­volt to a 12­volt system for better compatibility with modern accessories. The gas tank has been relocated to the rear, and is equipped with an electronic fuel pump. The brakes have been upgraded for added stopping power, and the flooring has been changed from wood to metal, to improve its durability and longevity. To eliminate overheating, the two­blade radiator fan has been upgraded to a four­blade fan, while the original Zenith carburetor has been replaced with a modern variant for improved reliability and efficiency.

The original Zenith carburetor is still available and comes with the car, together with the original radiator cap, car manual, and a compilation of old footage and photographs of the Model A along with other automobiles in Manila in the 1930s, keeping its nostalgia and authenticity intact. The painstaking care and devotion to this vehicle has lead to numerous awards garnered in various car shows and exhibits as well as a feature on the Discovery Channel. Owning a Ford Model A Coupe is owning a significant piece of automotive history; and this rare, road­ worthy and award­winning example can be considered an impressive addition to any collector’s garage

Awards: Best in Show – Transport Show, 1993
Best in Paint – Transport Show, 1993
Best Show Cars – Manila Sports Car Club Concourse d’Elegance, 2011

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PHP 1,900,000 - 2,200,000
Restored. Car show quality. Some engine parts are no longer original.

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