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There are millions of Volkswagen Beetles roaming the earth but only few are running properly and beautifully offering even more than they were originally designed to do. Such is this special Type 1 North American example. This example is powered by the correct air-cooled flat-4 Boxer 1.2-liter (1192cc) engine that produces 40 bhp @ 3,000 rpm and 60 lb-ft @ 2,000 rpm. The air flaps of the oil sump air filter works as it should. The hoses are the correct corrugated material. The engine compartment is covered with the correct black tar shroud. The gas tank had been cleaned and an anti-rust solution was applied to prevent corrosion and deterioration.

6-volt generators powered all VW Beetles up to 1966. For the sake of reliability, drivability, and consideration of installing air-conditioning, the vehicle has been upgraded to 12-volts with a VW-approved aftermarket 75 ampere alternator and Hot Spark electronic ignition distributor installed (difficult to tell the difference from the original 009 distributor).

TMI (California, U.S.A.) front driver, front passenger, and rear bench are covered in TMI (California, U.S.A.) period-correct upholstery with the correct pattern and piping. All carpets replaced with period-correct materials. The AM Sapphire 2 radio is period correct. The aerial antenna is period correct reproduction from Mexico. The speedometer was restored. The gasoline gauge was replaced with a new old stock part. Switches that were no longer aesthetically pleasing were replaced with period correct pieces. The steering wheel is original to the car. The dashboard handle bar is a reproduction period correct Perohaus from Aircooled Accessories in Derbysire, U.K.. The sun visor, all the related hardware, and the rear-view mirror is German new old stock. Window cranks, springs, and buffers were replaced with high quality reproductions. The dashboard and rear passenger ashtrays are original to the car. The brake handles and boots were replaced with German oem (original equipment manufacturers’) parts. The heater ducts have been removed but the original ivory heater control knob was retained for aesthetics. Door entry guards are period correct reproduction accessories.

The German front bumper guard, towel bars, rear overrider bumper are original to the car. The original front bumper blade was replaced with a nos (new old stock). Headlight lenses are original to the car. All brake light lenses and the amber front signal light lenses are Hella new old stock original. All trims were replaced with German show quality trims. The windshield glass, rear window glass, side window glass, passenger and driver window glass, passenger vent wing glass (with patina) are original to the car and properly marked “Sekurit.” Window, rear window, and windshield trims are also all original to the vehicle. Both driver and passenger side mirrors are oem VW. The hinge covers are Perohaus reproductions from Aircooled Accessories. Door handles are original to the car with a nice patina.

Each wheel uses the original 5-stud hub which were all sanded down and powder coated (not painted) and highlighted with vintage ivory white trimmings painted over the powder coated finish. Some of the chrome hubcaps are reproduction pieces, while some are the original hubcaps, which were professionally sanded and re-chromed.

This is a usable Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle that has been painstakingly attended to with passion and great attention to detail.

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