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g&b benefit | G0708

AUCTION | 20 JULY 2019, 2PM

PREVIEW | 13-19 JULY 2019, 10AM-6PM

Lot 11

Daniel dela Cruz
(b. 1966)

The Human Condition


Mixed media

48 x 15 x 145.5 cm (19 x 6 x 57 1/2 in)

Quick Overview

Daniel dela Cruz began his pursuit of art at an early age, expressing a keen sense of creativity molding clay into different forms and figures.Initially pursuing different fields during his college years, eventually graduating with a degree in Philosophy from the University of the Philippines, Dela Cruz decided that his path lied with the visual arts and began forging a career path that diverged from his training. Starting out as a product designer and eventually flourishing in that field, the artist at heart did not stop pursuing his dreams until he finally mounted, his first solo show Kandungan in 2007, a celebration of the nascent nature of women, formed inhis now iconic robust and free shape. Casting works in metal, Dela Cruz’s works are visualizations of the human condition, capturing the phenomenological experience of existence in the world embodied in the human figure. Decorated or raw, bodies, become more than their physicality, used as chassis of meaning. It is this ability to mold into metals so much potent intentionality, that brought success to his now celebrated career, holding lauded solo exhibits both locally as well as abroad.

Dela Cruz borrows from Christian iconography, the power of the crucified figure, a symbol of encompassing love and sacrifice. The man is outstretched and taut, head lilted down in familiar fashion, but diverges in his absence of the critical gashes that complete the imagery. Instead he is bare and unwounded, held up by the constraints of anachronic scaffolding. The sculpture made is not the Savior, but borrows from Him, an implicative truth that is embodied by more than just the individual. The artist connects the individual personage to a bigger truth and reinterprets physicality into a phenomenological experience that is shared by all. Moving and powerful, the artist draws power from an innate connection of humanity to one another, removing nuance to encompass what brings the mighty and meek together.

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